Sunset Cruise to Paradise Grill

Between my trips to Banff National Park and California, I spent some time at Dewey Beach for BC’s birthday. The beach house gang plus some new friends rented out a sunset cruise to have a fun little afternoon away from our normal Saturday afternoon haunts.

IMG_0178 (1)

Since it was BC’s birthday we called it his birthday cruise even though we were planning on doing it anyway.

BC Birthday Boat

(photo by Kate)

In my forward thinking I remembered to pack my LCI Waterseals magnetic pouch for my phone and money. Our destination, Paradise Grill, has boat docks and a beach for swimming.

IMG_0171 (2)

We left the Dewey Beach pier and had a cocktail on our ride to Paradise Grill, located in Long Neck, Delaware (never heard of it!). The Indian River Bay we boated through is 12 ft deep at it’s deepest point so it was a slow, peaceful, not bumpy ride. My friend Kate gets pretty seasick and she said it was fine for her. That is her hanging out near the edge of the boat for seasick safety purposes Smile

IMG_0174 (2)


At Paradise Grill, the crowds were there for Saturday afternoon fun, food, drinks, 2 different bands playing, and a fishing contest.  We saw them weighing the last of the catch from the contest and someone was awarded a trophy just as tall as me.

IMG_0185 (2)

The beach house crew plus some guests:


I ordered this ridiculous drink because this place was ridiculously awesome! It was half rum rummer half pina colada and still managed to turned my mouth red.

IMG_0186 (2)

The ride home 2 hours later was more of a party cruise. Someone made a dance playlist and everyone got down- the rum runners and pina coladas helped Smile

IMG_0190 (2)


The marshes were even prettier on the way back in the golden hour of light before sunset.

IMG_0198 (2)

At sunset we all gathered for photos.


It was a red one tonight.  A fantastic sunset to end a fantastic day. Getting out of our regular Dewey Beach routine was welcome and we need to remember to do this again!

IMG_0214 (2)

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