Sweet Home Farm Cheese Shop and Foley Farmer’s Market

The weather on our Gulf Shores Beach trip did not cooperate today. It is windy and the storms are coming later. Mom and I decided to take our AirBnB host’s recommendation and visit the Sweet Farm Cheese Shop in Elberta, Alabama. About 30 minutes from Gulf Shores, the Sweet Home Farm Cheese Shop is a family owned and operated dairy farm who provide delicious goodies.

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When we rolled up to the farm it was not quite what I was expecting, it was much smaller- the farm and the shop. A few cars were ahead of us which made the inside of the shopped packed to the gills. The Sweet Home Farm Cheese Shop is only open on Fridays and Saturdays so one has to get in their cheese fix during those limited hours.

Rows of dried fruits, pickled vegetables, and other products line the walls and provide the entertainment while you wait for the chance to sample a lot of different and amazing cheeses.

Sweet home farm cheese shop dried fruits

Mom and I tried the garlic cheese (our favorite), Italian, and the Elberta. They were really amazing cheeses. If I lived around there and was not about to go on a roadtrip through Alabama I would have bought a bunch of different cheeses.

Sweet Home Farm Cheese Shop display case

Instead we bought the pimento cheese dip, chocolate cheese fudge, dried pears, and some dates. I know this sounds weird but the dates and pears were seriously fantastic and only $3-4 per package- way less than the grocery stores!

After our cheese adventure we were thirsty and stopped and McDonald’s for $1 diet cokes. While in the drive-thru line we saw a sign for the Costal Alabama Farmer and Fisherman’s Market in Foley. I asked the Google where it was and lo and behold it was only a mile away. Reset the GPS!

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The Foley Farmer’s Market was pretty adorable and is open on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The facility was obviously new and the merchants were really nice. Everyone wanted us to try everything or tell us about their product. Mom tried boiled peanuts even though the seller told her she would hate them but to do it anyway. Apparently Midwesterners don’t enjoy boiled peanuts ever.  He was right, Mom thought they were gross.

IMG_9369 (2)

I ended up buying earrings and chapstick, ooey gooey butter cake (!), vanilla fudge, and orange slice bread. It was a good haul!

IMG_9371 (2)

Outside the market was some twangy live music that provided some Southern ambiance. And this truck- oh dear!

IMG_9372 (2)

It was a fun little morning trek from Gulf Shores! Someday when you are in the Gulf Shores and need some delicious cheese in your life, make the trek on a Saturday to Sweet Home Farm Cheese Shop and Foley Farmer’s Market.

Reader Question: Drive 30 minutes for awesome cheese- yes or no? I vote yes!!!!

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