Sydney- The Rocks and Royal Botanic Gardens

After our fun-filled morning in Darling Harbor at the Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World, Mom and I took a cab to The Rocks area of Sydney for lunch.

Sydney The Rocks Square

There are a lot of well-priced options in the area. We settled on a little French bakery/café (the one pictured above) and ordered one hot and one cold sandwich.

The little courtyard was pleasant during the afternoon heat.

Sydney The Rocks Lunch spot

If you are ever visiting Sydney and need to find a hotel, there is a Holiday Inn in The Rocks that is reasonably priced and so close to everything.  I stayed there the last time I was in Sydney.

The Rocks is a historical section of Sydney where the first “settlers”, really prisoners, lived.

First Impressions Memorial:

Sydney The Rocks First Impressions MemorialSydney The Rocks First Impressions Memorial

The Rocks is right next to Circular Quay, the main attraction for tourists and transportation hub for Sydney residents.  It is also home to the world-famous Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House front

Opera House selfie:

Sydney Opera House Selfie

Next to the Opera House is the Royal Botanic Gardens. The gardens are not much for looking at plants and flowers but it is a gorgeous green space for picnics, reading, and great paths for walking and running.

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens 2

We took a break here to have some shady time.  It is summer in Sydney now and is very hot during the afternoon hours.

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens 3

The Royal Botanic Gardens also have their own Downton Abbey.  Really it is the Government House built between 1830s.  You can go on the grounds and wander but we just stood from afar.

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens Government House sign

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens Government House trees

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens Government House

After a stroll through the gardens, we were hot and tired and started our trek back to the boat.  Our tender picked up/dropped off right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Someday I will do the Harbour Bridge climb like the hundreds of crazy people that do it each day.

Sydney Climbing Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Under the bridge are some strangely placed cannons.  Move them the wrong way and you’d be shooting down the bridge.

Sydney Harbor Bridge Cannons

The promenade along the water was very pretty.  We ran into workers setting up for the Chinese New Year Festival by setting up colorful “Terracotta Warriors”.  I love this photo.  This random run-in was my favorite sight of the day.

Sydney Chinese New Year Festival Terracotta Warriors Opera House

The promenade also gives a good view of the Sydney Opera House yet again.  This time I’m in the photo.

Sydney Opera House Me

That’s all from our afternoon in Sydney.  In Sydney today I purchased a ticket to see my first opera! I’ll be back at the opera house in a few hours for the show.

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