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Where Should You Travel First

Planning your first big vacation abroad? It seems like a challenging feat as there are so many places in the world to see. How do you start? It is good to choose your main goal of the trip- to see a certain place, have an experience, or do an activity. Have you always dreamed of visiting the Colosseum in Rome, or Malbec wine tasting in Mendoza, Argentina, a luxurious spa on the beach, or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro? Whatever your pleasure, plan your trip around it but don’t just stick with one place or activity. Here are my thoughts on where Read More

15 Things about Me- Travel Edition

It is snowing buckets outside my window while I pack for my next destination- Guadeloupe! A new destination to explore, a place to warm up my blood and work on my pasty winter complexion. In the meantime, here is a fun post- 15 things about me and my travels: 1) I’ve been to 78 countries of the World and 44 states in the United States Create your own visited countries map or check out the JavaScript Charts.   2) My second international trip my best friend and I were locked out of our apartment in Florence on arrival from the Read More