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The Scary, Tiny Plane ride to Vieques, Puerto Rico

After a lovely day in Old San Juan, the cruise portion of our Caribbean Adventure was over. Vieques is a tiny island off the main island of San Juan, Puerto Rico. There is a ferry connecting the two islands but they regularly have to boot off tourists because locals have priority. Rather than risk that, we just few from Isla Grande Airport (not the main airport in San Juan) to Vieques on Vieques Air Link. A friend of mine had just done the same thing so I was less nervous than I would have been otherwise. We had to get Read More

Flying Into Guadeloupe

Good morning from Guadeloupe! Exploring a new country in the Caribbean over a long weekend is my idea of a good February getaway! Guadeloupe was the chosen place of my winter Caribbean vacation because of the new, cheap, non-stop flights from BaltimoreĀ on Norwegian AirĀ to Guadeloupe. The flight itself was an easy 4 hour hop. The 2/3 full plane meant that Mom and I could spread out and have a whole row all to ourselves. Norwegian Air is a low-cost carrier so seats are smaller and soda and water are not free! But with the not-so-good, comes cheap airfare to the Read More