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Favorite Airfare Websites and Deals to Book Now

Much of the time, seasoned travelers’ destinations are chosen based on airline and hotel prices. Keeping a certain trip on your bucket list until prices go down is a surefire way to save money on travel and ensure that you reach your travel goals. Here are deals available now to excite your adventurous spirit and my favorite airfare websites to find them. 1) Hawaii Flights to Hawaii are the lowest I have seen them in years. I booked a round-trip ticket from Baltimore to Kauai with one stop (2 hour layovers) for $681 on American Airlines. Oahu and Maui were Read More

Always Pack Extra Underwear

“Always pack extra underwear,” Mom said to me as a newbie traveler. There are no truer words than these. Everyone complains about travel, particularly air travel. There are lines, waiting, more lines, more waiting, no personal space, delays, sprinting between flights, and more. No one really likes that part of travel. Part of making air travel a little more bearable is always being prepared. Yesterday, everything seemed to be going well on my international flight day from Baltimore to Japan.  As we were about to board the airplane in San Francisco, the announcement was made about a maintenance issue which Read More