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It’s Spring! Getting out of the Neighborhood

This year’s weather is awesome- we are actually getting a Spring! I love Spring- minus the pollen. Outdoor activities and fresh air are king during Spring. To take advantage of the sun and mild temperatures, the Saturday hike idea came up in conversation. BC and I decided to drive outside the Baltimore city limits to Patapsco Valley State Park and hit up Cascade Falls Trail . Everyone else had the same idea as us so the entrance gate, parking, and trail itself were filled with other hikers. But once we got past the first mile, we basically had the place Read More

Orioles Opening Day 2016

Orioles Opening Day 2016 was a bust for fans. The Orioles themselves pulled off a fantastic 9th inning rally with Matt Wieters driving in the winning run. A pie in the face and loud fireworks displayed capped off the night. Unfortunately the night ended many, many hours after it was supposed to because Mother Nature and the Orioles management had other ideas. Opening Day last year: Opening Day is a holiday in Baltimore and most other major league baseball cities. I live by the stadium so all of my friends come to my side of town to hang out, drink Read More