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Beach Day in Hoi An

Hoi An was my favorite spot in Vietnam. The lights, sights, food, market, and a nearby beach made for an amazing city. Of our  3 days in Hoi An, the last day was my favorite- I hit the beach, ate a bahn mi, had an amazing coconut coffee, did some shopping, and enjoyed my time in the Old Town district and night market. <y morning started off with a short run before the town really woke up for the day. Fisherman and the market-goers were milling about but it was peaceful! I talk a lot about food and how delicious Read More

Summer Fun in Dewey Beach

My summer fun in Dewey Beach has come to an end in 2018. Last weekend my 7th and final trip down to the Dewey Beach this summer. Dewey is my summer happy place filled with friends from Boston to Virginia. We dip our toes in the sand, drink cocktails, and eat far too much pizza. The beach was a way for professional Andrea to get away even though the drive is only about 3 hours. But this weekend was much needed after being selected to be on a jury for an almost 2 week case. It was a draining experience Read More