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Sunset Cruise to Paradise Grill

Between my trips to Banff National Park and California, I spent some time at Dewey Beach for BC’s birthday. The beach house gang plus some new friends rented out a sunset cruise to have a fun little afternoon away from our normal Saturday afternoon haunts. Since it was BC’s birthday we called it his birthday cruise even though we were planning on doing it anyway. (photo by Kate) In my forward thinking I remembered to pack my LCI Waterseals magnetic pouch for my phone and money. Our destination, Paradise Grill, has boat docks and a beach for swimming. We left Read More

Starboard’s Running of the Bull

Sometimes the best traditions start off in the most random ways. Running of the Bull in Dewey Beach, Delaware has risen in popularity over the years and has been featured in USA Today and Buzzfeed. The first Running of the Bull was 21 years ago at a beach house where a bunch of friends decided to have a party and 2 friends ran around in a bull costume. From there, it progressed into a bigger and bigger party, now held at the Starboard, so big it comes with a flyover. Elvis always makes an appearance on stage with the LauraLea Read More