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All Vieques Vacations must Come to an End

So far our trip to Vieques has been all about the beach. We did do a few other things besides go to the beach, albeit not much more. While I love the beach, a good book-in-the-hammock day is a favorite activity as well as eating delicious food. The only nice dinner we went out for was to Biekes Bistro in Isabel II. Mom ordered some amazing fish tacos but I think I’m the big winner with the Puerto Rican specialty Mofongo with conch. Libations included this delicious and strong Parcharita which tasted like a mango margarita- yum! Horses at the Read More

In Old San Juan Again

Old San Juan is a favorite of mine and can be the perfect weekend trip or day in port if you happen to be cruising in and out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our day in San Juan was the last day of the cruise portion of our Caribbean Winter Adventures. Next up on the agenda is Vieques, Puerto Rico- a small island with incredible beaches. But today is all about forts and colonial architecture. My Lonely Planet guidebook had a section with a short walking tour throughout Old San Juan, hitting the major sights. It was really warm, maybe Read More