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Punta Arenas and Crossing the Straight of Magellan

Punta Arenas is a big shipping port and cruise stop in Chile that lies along the famed Straight of Magellan. We were only here for a few hours (and an overnight) as Ushuaia is the big destination goal. Honestly a few hours in Punta Arenas is really all you need. A walk along the waterfront, some great architecture in town, and some relaxing in the town square park was a good overview. Mostly Punta Arenas was about food for me! After spending a few days camping and hiking we were hungry!  (and thirsty for something that wasn’t water) A late Read More

Hiking to Grey Glacier

Our last day in Torres del Paine began really early. We had to make the 11am ferry back to our van to begin the journey to Puerto Arenas. We rose with the sun for one last hike- to Grey Glacier this time. Our campground really had lovely views! Four people in our group didn’t do this hike and stayed back at the campground as most of us were really sore from the preceding two days of hard hiking. I was pretty sore as well and was looking forward to not wearing my hiking shoes for a long time! The first Read More