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Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

It is that time of year again- gift-giving time! Don’t fall behind your on your shopping list list year by checking out some of my ideas for fantastic gifts for people who love adventure. 1) Modern Map Art of your favorite city I love travel but I do love Baltimore too. Modern Map Art has country and many city maps (mostly US but a lot non-cities too). I chose the largest size of Baltimore to hang in my kitchen. I already have 2 Baltimore themed paintings to hang in my dining room and living room so this map rounded out Read More

8 Things from Christmas

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were chillier than normal for Phoenix. The rain and 55 degree temperatures kept us out of the pool and inside. Our family is attempting to make some new Christmas traditions since we are no longer all based in Iowa. We are still trying out some ideas and discovered a few keepers (like Christmas Eve bowling!). Here are my 8 things from Christmas 2016. 1) Make pumpkin bread My nephew got this recipe from his teacher and wanted to make it. My sister usually makes zucchini bread so this was an easy switch. Add some cute Read More