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When it Rains in Amsterdam

It rains in Amsterdam a lot and when it does there are some of Europe’s most amazing museums and historical sights to visit. The Van Gough Museum, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, and Anne Frank House reside in Amsterdam and provide shelter from the rain while expanding knowledge, culture, and inspiring awe. The Van Gough Museum is my favorite of the bunch and well worth the 18 Euro admission fee. It is a crowded museums with 5 floors of Van Gough’s works and a light and sculpture exhibit that was a fun change of pace. In the photo above Lauren and I Read More

Scenes from Bruges, Belgium

Many travelers planning their European vacations stick to the big cities and sights like Rome, Paris, Munich, Prague, Barcelona, etc. But ask any traveler who has done a big Europe trip at least twice and many times Bruges, Belgium pops up on their most recommended list. My sister did this many years ago and recalled it as one of her most favorite European stops. Finally, 15 years later, I made it to Bruges. The canals added to the fact that the World Wars didn’t destroy Bruges, makes for an amazing architectural city with a great vibe and plentiful and hopping Read More