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Tag: Europe

Bruges Beer And Some Food

Isn’t food the best part about traveling? I guess for the few who dislike trying new things maybe not but I love new experiences and eating all the food! Bruges is full of tourists traps but getting off the beaten path a few steps opens up some great places to experience Belgian beer, cheese, waffles, and some mainland European favorites. I found an adorable waffles café a block off the main square. Lizzie’s Wafels is known for their extra large homemade waffles. I ordered mine with a side of caramel sauce and sparkling water. You can get a lot of Read More

Luxembourg in A Day

Luxembourg is a small country, easily passed over if you aren’t looking for it. On my train ride from Brussels to Luxembourg City, I never saw the border, even on the way back to Belgium. Attempting to see Luxembourg City  in one day on a European vacation is totally doable if you are wearing your walking shoes and ready to get your heart pumping. Old Town Luxembourg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site,  is the highlight of the country. While there is a little bit more to Luxembourg, the history and character are not to be missed here. Because of its Read More