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Other Key West Eats- El Siboney and DJ’s Clam Shack

DJ’s Clam Shack is well known in Key West and was featured on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives. It really is a whole in the wall with 2 counters up front and a bunch of picnic tables and barrels in the back. A lot of people in Key West are transplants from colder areas so I assume the owners of DJ’s Clam Shack hail from the Northeast where lobster and clams are the favorites. The lobster roll here is great! They don’t use much mayo and is filled with giant chunks of lobster meat with only a little filler of Read More

Nuku’alofa, Tonga

Tonga is made up of over 170 islands, only about a third of them  are inhabited and of those Tongatapu is the most populated. Tongatapu is the island where we stopped today.  Tonga is a constitutional monarchy, the last one in the South Pacific.  The King, Tupou VI, is 48 years old.  One tour group today was lucky enough to run into him on their tour.  How cool! Mom and I wandered around the city of Nuku’alofa- the biggest city in Tonga.  City is being generous, it was very small.  But it may be bigger than I realize because we Read More