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Stanley Park, Vancouver

Hello from Vancouver, Canada! I’m exploring a new city and having a wonderful time doing it. Stanley Park is an amazingly large park near the city center and a perfect way to spend a day in Vancouver. The best ways to see Stanley Park are to go for a run or walk around it or to rent a bike. My mom and I walked half of it but next time I would rent a bike! The seawall path goes around Stanley Park and is filled with tourists and exercise enthusiasts alike. Along the seawall are little stops like Totem Poles, Read More

Hiking Aconcagua

Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in South America at 22,837 feet (6960 meters) and is one of the Seven Summits– a series of climbs up the tallest mountain on each continent. A lofty goal for sure, it is not on my bucket list so I was happy with our much shorter hike on Aconcagua today. Aconcagua Provincial Park lies 3 hours outside of Mendoza along some curvy roads and beautiful mountain scenery. Our goal for today was to climb up to Confluencia basecamp (11,000 ft), the first of 3 camps along the way to the north summit of Aconcagua. The Read More