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Paris in a Day

With high speed trains and a great public transportation system Paris in a day is possible for those travelers short on time. Paris in a day can a fun-filled frenzy of sightseeing and eating or a relaxing as your want it. Europe’s train systems are amazing compared to those in the United States. High speed trains connect big cities making it possible to explore so much more. The chunnel (the tunnel that runs under the English Channel connecting the UK with continental Europe) connects London to Paris and it’s high speed trains can finish the trip in 2 hours, making Read More

Books that Inspire Wanderlust- The Da Vinci Code

First in a new series, this post is going to combine two of my favorite hobbies: books and travel.  Travel and vacations are not always practical or possible when we have the urge to traipse about the globe. Reading a book on travel, destinations, and adventure can help satiate those feelings of wanderlust until we can pack up and go! Today’s post is about The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. A lot of people have already read this book as it was a bestseller for a long time a few years ago.  Some may have even seen the movie Read More