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Tag: Galapagos

Giant Land Tortoise Time

Santa Cruz Island is one of the few inhabited islands of the Galapagos Islands.  Boutique hotels, scuba diving centers, little shops, and restaurants dot the main street.  At one end of the town is The Charles Darwin Giant Land Tortoise Conservatory.  Here they breed all the different types of land tortoises from all over the Galapagos. Baby tortoise: Lonesome George was the most famous land tortoise of all time.  He was the last surviving animal of the Pinta Island species found a decade after they had last thought to have had died out.  They searched the Galapagos and the world Read More

Crossing the Equator (twice) in the Galapagos

It was a wonderful day in the Galapagos. We ended up crossing the equator twice, seeing a ton of colorful crabs, blue footed boobies, and dolphins! The afternoon in the Galapagos today was all about bird watching on Isla Ferdinandina. We boated around to blue footed boobies and more. I’m obsessed with blue footed boobies. My favorite sail of the trip so far took us across the equator as we sailed around Isabela Island toward Santiago Island. The scenery was breaktaking. Along the way we saw hundreds of jumping dophins, volcanic calderas, crashing waves, and (as mentioned before) we crossed the equator. Read More