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A Quick Kitchen Update

  This is a kitchen update for those who are interested in our Baltimore Kitchen demo and renovation. Now we have painted walls and a real floor! BC worked hard at doing a complicated herringbone pattern.  It turned out pretty cool but man- it took 3 times as long as just laying them side by side would have taken. Measuring and cutting all the tiles was a long and complicated process.  BC did pretty good except in one spot there ended up being a pretty big gap but it will be covered up by the peninsula. Cyrus likes to be Read More

The Remodel Begins

My once nice living room that looked like this: Now looks like this: The once nice dining room looked like this: Now looks like this: The washer/dryer and refrigerator are now very conveniently located to the couch now because we are redoing the kitchen  Everything had to be moved/sold/trashed. The kitchen remodel is a complete overhaul- new floors, cabinets, countertops, paint, a peninsula, lighting, plus we took out a window (to be able to add the peninsula). Kitchen before: Not so great, right? Boring, outdated, and hardly any cabinet space.  At least there is a cute kitty that stalks the Read More