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Food in Bali

  Overall I quite enjoyed Indonesian food and most of the food in Bali. Food in Bali is mostly simple Asian fare with rice, noodles, soup, and spring rolls.  There were some high points and low points over the trip but nothing like the low points of food in Thailand. The highlights: On Bali, unlike Java, they eat pork. Java is mostly Muslim so they don’t eat pork but Bali being mostly Hindu, does.  The roasted pig lunch we ate at Ibu Oka Warung for $3 was definitely a high point. Nasi Campur is a mix of a lot of different Read More

Five things- Bali edition

My Bali experience was all of 11 days so I’m no expert on Balinese culture, wildlife, and cuisine.  These five things about everyday life that stood out for me. 1) Indonesian coffee is famous but I hate it.  It is like drinking sludge.  They grind the beans so fine and then add it to hot water so coffee is made more like instant coffee leading to lots of thickness and nastiness at the bottom. Our hotel before climbing Mt. Batur had the worst coffee I’ve ever had in my whole life.  Out of our group of 12, all 12 deemed Read More