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Iowa Eats

Last weekend I headed home to Iowa to hang out with my family (and a friend) and eat all the food. Mom and I always make a list of things to do and places to eat while I am home. This year’s list was pretty epic with some new restaurants, old favorites, the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, shopping, Star Trek, and gambling at the casino. I haven’t been to the Machine Shed in years but it was on the way home from the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library so we stopped in for some Iowa-style food.  While not a Diners, Drive-Ins, Read More

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

Hello from the great state of Iowa! I just had to escape the hot, humid Maryland weather so I booked a flight to see my mom and brother in Iowa (and eat taco pizza!). I missed all the crazy rain and flooding near Baltimore this weekend and instead had beautiful 80 degree weather to spend with the family. Recently Mom and I were discussing our lack of Presidential Library visits. This seemed un-American of us so we made the trip to Iowa’s only President’s hometown, West Branch, Iowa, home of Herbert Hoover. These days his house would be considered a Read More