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One day in Florence

  Let’s say your cruise ship is docking in Livorno (Florence’s nearby port city) or can only eek out one day to enjoy Florence on your European itinerary.  Here are the must-see sights if you have one day in Florence. First, go see the Duomo.  It is the giant, green/white marble church that stands in the center of the old city. Outside there will usually be crowds of people taking pictures and listening to their tour guide. Bypass all those people and head inside.  The inside is not as impressive as many other European churches.  The Duomo spent their money on Read More

Food of Florence, Italy

One of the best things about visiting Florence and Italy in general is the food!!!  I am a big gnocchi fan (potato pasta dumplings) but any pasta really tastes so much better here.  Our first meal was at a restaurant in the tiny piazza outside of our apartment.  There were 5 outdoor tables crammed together that required the people from another table to adjust if someone needed to get out of their spot.  I started off with an Italian beer, Dolomiti.  It was really good.  (Notice the distance between tables here, less space than New York City!) We both had Read More