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Books That Inspire Wanderlust #2- The Alchemist

This weekend I did spent some time outside reading in the glorious spring weather we are having here in Baltimore.  80 degrees and sunny at last!  The previous weekend we purchased some new patio furniture from Home Depot to better utilize our small outdoor space.  Making the most of our city living! The Alchemist was my plan for the weekend between Mother’s Day brunch and my friend Tara’s birthday bash. When you ask a traveler about their favorite travel books and books that inspired them to travel- The Alchemist is always mentioned. Paulo Coelho wrote a beautiful, yet simple book Read More

A Day in Tangiers, Morocco

  From what I hear from other travelers, Morocco is a good country to travel to, see the sights and gain insight on a new culture.  Quite a few of my tour mates in Spain are heading for another week tour in Morocco. It’s me! In Morocco! Tangiers, Morocco is probably not a place in Morocco you really need to see.  I really enjoy at least 80% of what I do because I pick the destinations and the companies or companions I go with to these destinations.  I did not enjoy my tour in Tangiers, not because it was a Read More