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Jack Daniels Whiskey and Tootsies Nashville

Hello one last time from Nashville.  My work conference is wrapping up but not before a really fun night Tootsies Nashville, dinner at the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the most interesting work cocktail party I’ve been to ever. The master distiller came to the conference room and led us all in a tasting of three types of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey– the regular, the honey flavor, and Gentleman Jack. The Honey Jack was really easy to drink and definitely sip-able for this non-whiskey lover. The Gentleman Jack was drinkable as well but you can feel the burn.  The regular Read More

Dinner at The Farm House Nashville

    Day 1 of my work conference was a lot of fun! Learning happened of course but a lot of the conference is networking.  After today’s learning sessions there was a cocktail party that had the best party appetizers ever. Shrimp deviled eggs, goat cheese topped strawberry, peanut hummus, and pimento cheese toasts.  I love pimento cheese and deviled eggs so I was a very happy girl.  And doesn’t love goat cheese and strawberries. While I was taking pictures of my food the President of the company came up to me and started up a great conversation about the Read More