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Tag: National Parks

Saguaro National Park in a day

Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona is a cacti wonderland made for hikers, bikers, and runners. The two separate sections of Saguaro National Park include hiking trails which weave their way around the cacti and paved roads are perfect for marathon trainers and pleasure bicyclists. This is how you do Saguaro National Park in a day- pack a picnic and your hiking boot for an active adventure among the many different types of cacti. Tucson is an easy 2 hour drive from Phoenix and is worth a day or two if you can spare it.  BC and I made the trip Read More

Hiking Redwood National Park

Hiking through Redwood National Park for a totaled 8.8 miles on our trackers.  It is fun to have a step tracker on a vacation like this because some days end up being impressive. Redwood National Park is a strangely set up park in that it is mostly a California State Park with some “National Park” sections thrown in. But it is a free National Park! The Kuchel Visitor’s Center to the South is along the ocean and in a section known for it’s eerie fog and huge rogue waves. We watched the 1980s video about Redwood National Park while simultaneously Read More