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Rockwell Museum and Poppleton Bakery- Corning, NY

This is it- the last morning of our Finger Lakes vacation. Vacation itself isn’t over as we are driving straight to the beach but the Finger Lakes, Corning, Hammondsport, and Watkins Glen was the perfect laid-back trip for an extended weekend in the Northeast US. My morning in Corning, NY started at Poppleton Bakery with a much-needed iced coffee and a savory spinach crepe.  Yum! I’ve never actually ordered crepes before but the owner suggested it. It had spinach, tomato, feta, eggs, basil mayo, and slivered almonds in it.  I will be ordering crepes again- hopefully crepes are always this Read More

Corning, NY- Inn at the Gaffer Grille

After a long day at the Corning Museum of Glass, it was time to check in to our hotel- The Inn a the Gaffer Grille. Let me just say that we did not have high hopes when driving up to it.  It is above a bar and restaurant; the parking lot steps going up to it are metal fire escape steps. BC was wondering what I got us into and I had my fingers crossed for a happy surprise. And it was a happy surprise we received! This is my favorite hotel room of the trip! It was not a Read More