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Racing in the Rain- My Last Day on RAGBRAI

The night of Day 5 RAGBRAI was spent in Hiawatha on one of our group member’s basement floor. Somehow I managed to get on an air mattress, so I had a restful 8 hours of sleep. Basically I passed out from the 73 miles we biked the day before. My legs are so sore at this point. It is a different kind of sore- not like you did a lot of heavy lifting or worked a muscle you hadn’t in a while. It was more like my muscles were just tired and no longer felt like working. Today’s route rode Read More

73 Miles of biking- 5th Day on RAGBRAI

The Fifth Day on RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) was the longest ride of my itinerary and was also the hilliest. My riding group switched up today from my aunt to my high school friend Leanne and her cousins. Read about my other days riding my bike across Iowa: Eldora, Day 4, and Day 6 Photo by Kerri This is their first day of riding so they have fresh legs. My legs have ridden for 110 miles already and are tight, sore, and tired. After a few miles as my warm up out of Cedar Falls, I was back in action. Read More