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Kilt Rock- Isle of Skye

At a Scottish B&B, everyday  will start out with a giant breakfast. The full Scottish breakfast includes a fried egg, beans, mushrooms, black pudding (a blood sausage, not dessert!), bacon (really more like Canadian bacon), grilled tomatoes, sausage links, and toast. I like meat but I think I am meat-ed out. I ended up ordering the continental breakfast this morning which included crossaints, ham, cheeses, grapefruit, prunes, and in my case- coffee! Breakfast was a much needed reprieve of piles of meat. I took a picture of the butter because my great grandparents from my mom’s side’s surname is Graham Read More

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

After a wonderful day around Inveraray, it’s beautiful castle, and quaint, small-town feel, BC and I ate a Scottish breakfast before heading out of the road towards Isle of Skye. The breakfast from Brambles B&B was meaty and full of protein as Scottish breakfasts are. I had pork sausage, blood sausage, beans, grilled tomato, bacon (Canadian-bacon-esque), fried egg, toast, and coffee. I ate most of it and good thing because it had to hold me over all day on our travels towards Skye. Before we arrive on Isle of Skye, there was so much to see! I am a huge Read More