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My favorites- Iceland/Finland/Russia/Belarus/Poland/Germany/France

My great Europe and Iceland trip including France, Germany, and Russia has come to a close.  What a great trip filled with different cultures, sights, and food. Here are the best of the best of Europe and Iceland: Favorite place: Glacier Lake- Jokulsarlon, Iceland One of my favorite landscapes I’ve seen ever.  It is worth going to Iceland just to see this.  Skip the geysers and head straight here. Favorite urban sight Church of the Saviour and Spilled Blood- St. Petersburg One of the best churches I have ever seen.  The architecture style and colors are a lot different than Read More

The Kremlin

  Kremlin in Russian means fortress. Many Russian cities have a Kremlin.  The one on Moscow is the most famous, and therefore known as The Kremlin. They allow tours through, have a theatre (that used to hold 6000 members of the Communist Party for meetings), and armory with the crown jewels, and many old churches from when it was used as a fortress.  Parliament does not meet here and Putin does not live within the walls. Outside the visitors entrance on the bridge which used to be over a river to ward off attacks. Inside: The biggest cannon in the Read More