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Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

It is that time of year again- gift-giving time! Don’t fall behind your on your shopping list list year by checking out some of my ideas for fantastic gifts for people who love adventure. 1) Modern Map Art of your favorite city I love travel but I do love Baltimore too. Modern Map Art has country and many city maps (mostly US but a lot non-cities too). I chose the largest size of Baltimore to hang in my kitchen. I already have 2 Baltimore themed paintings to hang in my dining room and living room so this map rounded out Read More

Freeport, Maine

Freeport, Maine is the land of LL Bean.  Basically it is a little town with a lot of stores- some outlet, some not.  There are 3 LL Bean Stores total- 1 regular, 1 bike, boat, and ski, and 1 outlet.  I ended up not buying anything LL Bean but I did buy a Northface sample ski coat for $70!!! Mom bought a few warm things because she did not pack appropriately for this trip.  In her defense, the weather has been colder than what the Weather Channel told us it would be here. The main LL Bean store: The stores Read More