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Funny Signs Around the World

There are close to 7000 languages spoken in the world today.  It is impossible to learn them all, even the most widely spoken ones.  When traveling to other countries and the tourist sites, many signs with directions and attraction names are translated into English and other languages.  Not all languages have words for things that other languages have. That is where hilarity can ensue while traveling. Also, there are signs that just make you laugh. Here are some of the funniest signs I’ve run across. In Lovina, Bali: Hide was probably not the word they meant.  It was a sign Read More

World Elephant Day

  World Elephant Day was last week.  In honor of World Elephant Day and the fact that one year ago today I was on my way to Africa for my East African Safari in Kenya and Tanzania, here are the best of my elephant experiences. Aberdare National Park in Kenya was my first experience seeing African elephants in the wild.  We were just driving down the dirt path when the trees started rustling and out popped an elephant head. African elephants have long tusks which unfortunately makes them valuable to poachers. In the Masai Mara we saw more elephants in Read More