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Don’t Miss Places in Japan

When visiting a new country, most travelers want to see a lot in a short amount of time. If you have big plans to visit Japan in the future I can help you whittle down your list of must sees to settle in on a good itinerary.  Last September I spent an amazing 2+ weeks in Japan. While I didn’t get to see all of Japan (not by a longshot!), I was able to pick my favorite cities and sights- the don’t miss places in Japan. Without further ado here are my favorite places: 1) Kyoto Kyoto was my favorite Read More

Shipwreck Scuba Diving in Aruba

Today was all about scuba diving in Aruba.  My mom, brother, and BC ventured to the beach to get extremely sunburned and I ventured out into the open water to scuba dive with octopi, eel, and so many fish. Aruba has a few shipwrecks good for scuba diving around the island. Today, I went to two of them. The first was about 60 feet down- my camera is only supposed to go down 33ft. I didn’t chance it this time (last time I did, the LCD has a few bubbles in it due to the pressure- oops!) The first dive Read More