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Infinity Mirrors at the Hirshhorn

The hottest ticket in Washington, DC right now is the impossible-to-get free ticket into Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institute. Every Monday at noon tickets are released, which promptly crashes the website and sells out in 2 minutes. It is crazy! You can show up to the museum at 9:30am and stand in line in hopes you score one of the walk-up tickets to see the Infinity Mirrors. I showed up at 9:45am thinking it was a Monday and who would really be out on a semi-rainy Monday. I was dumb. Don’t Read More

Doing the Tourist Thing in DC

For one of the first times all summer, we had no plans for a whole Saturday. Instead of lazing around the house, we trekked down to Washington, DC to see some museums and watch the new National Parks 3D IMAX movie. Breakfast came first from the Fells Point Farmers Market in Baltimore at a little place called Diablo Donuts. The donuts here are amazing- I opted for the Old Bay caramel (sounds weird but is perfectly sweet and salty) and Blackberry basil. Our had to hold us over through our 12:15pm showing of National Parks Adventure in 3D IMAX. It Read More