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Tag: Wine Country

A Day in Mendoza, Argentina (not Drinking Wine)

Mendoza is known around the world as Malbec wine country but there is much more to it when you get out there and explore. Mendoza has 5 main squares- Plaza Independencia being the biggest and in the center of four other plazas. At night there are food and craft vendors and the big shaded trees are the perfect spot to sit and read a book during siesta time. Mendoza residents take siesta seriously! Shops, restaurants, and businesses close around close around 3pm and don’t open back up until 6pm or later. Mendoza has a desert climate so in the summer Read More

Wine Tasting in Mendoza

Hola from South America! I am here for the next few weeks exploring different parts of Argentina and Chile (and possibly Uruguay). Mendoza was the first real stop on my grand South American adventure- home of Malbec! We all know I love red wine so a bike tour of this famous wine producing region was right up my alley. We rode for a total of 20 kilometers and went to 3 different wineries. After the 3rd one we did not ride bikes and got a ride because it was in everyone’s best interest. There would have been some swerving bikes Read More