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Tag: Wyoming

Buffalo Jam and More at Yellowstone

When we woke up from a deep and chilly slumber at Yellowstone National Park, we set off to finish to see more of the gigantic national park. It was a short drive to Lower Geyser Basin so we looked at some of the hot pools, Sapphire Pool: and their brilliant colors, and took a 1.1 mile (one way) hike to Mystic Falls. The hike was an easy get-the-blood-flowing walk with only a few hills.  But of course once we were close to the falls and the turn-around point, it started pouring rain on us.  Oops! I guess we were going Read More

Yellowstone Wildlife and Snow

Yellowstone is filled with so many animals! We hardly saw any animals in Glacier National Park (and thankfully no grizzlies!) so this was a fun day filled with so many sights and even bears! We entered Yellowstone through the North Entrance near Mammoth Hot Springs. We did a chilly little walk through of these hot springs which were quite dry this time around. But still pretty spectacular. The goal for the day was to work our way through the park to Grant Village to camp for the night. We had to cross Dunraven Pass and all it’s snowy glory. But Read More