Tagus Cove, Isabela Island

The nature walk was short and sweet through the slopes of Tagus Cove on Isabela Island.  We saw some Whaler/Pirate graffiti from 1836 and more. Instead of painting the carved the name of the ship and year into the rocks here. Neat!

. GalapagosPirateGrafiti1836

There is a volcanic caldera to walk around and see some birds. GalapagosVolcanicCaldera

We finally took a group shot here.  My group is mostly Australians, 2 New Zealanders, 2 English, and me as the only American with good mix of ages from late 20’s to mid 60’s.


The best part of Tagus Cove was the snorkeling.  Immediately a turtle swam by to see what we were up to in his neighborhood.


The fish were plentiful and the water was pretty clear. Galapagossnorkeling


I went a little starfish crazy. GalapagosStarfish

My new underwater camera ended up working really well!



But the best, most exciting find on our snorkeling adventures was this Pacific seahorse.  Our guide Pedro has been a guide for over 8 1/2 years and he has never seen a seahorse on a snorkeling trip (he snorkels 2 times a day almost everyday!).


Did you know male seahorses carry the babies not the females?


Tagus Cove was an excellent snorkeling stop!  More to come!

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