Tarifa, Spain


Tarifa is a little beach town famous from their kiteboarding.  Basically with kiteboarding, you need mad skills as to be able to guide yourself and not kill yourself at the same time.  Dangerous stuff.  The wind here is so strong that kiteboarding is supposed to be that much more amazing in Tarifa.  And man, was it windy!!!!  To the point you couldn’t go to the beach because all you did was eat sand and it would pelt you and make your legs hurt.

We walked around in the gale for a bit.  Tarifa is the most southern spot in Spain.  To the left is the Mediterranean Sea, to the right, the Atlantic Ocean.

Spain Tarifa Mediterranean Atlantic

Tangiers, Morocco is only 4 miles across the straight.

Spain Tarifa Morocco straight

(Can you tell I just learned how to insert text into pictures using my new camera and software?)

Some other Tarifa cuteness:

Spain Tarifa Morocco fortress


Lunch included some yummy tapas (again).

Spain Tarifa tapas lunch

But the star of today’s food was dinner.  We went to a steak place called Vaca Loca (Gary’s Place) and got filet mignon and lots of vino tinto (red wine).

Spain Tarifa Vaca Loco Gary's Place

This was our first non-shared meal and I was a big fan.  I couldn’t finish it all (except the filet, that was a goner).  Sharing tapas had definitely made me eat less so this big meal seemed impossible even though I was super-hungry.


For dessert we headed to happy hour- they start happy hour around 8pm here!!!  And it goes to 11pm!!!


3 Euros for a delicious mojito, yes please!  The 5 of us ended up ordering quite a few.  It was made with lemon instead of lime, raw sugar, crushed ice, and mixed with a spoon. Best mojito I’ve ever had. Now if I could just get Little Havana in Federal Hill to make me something like this!


Tarifa was a great little stop on our Spain tour.  It is not beach season yet so most of the people are locals, it wasn’t very crowded, and it was just cute.  Most of the people going through Tarifa are on their way to Morocco, where I went the day after this.  That post is up next!


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5 Responses

  1. Christine Keane says:

    How cool that you can see Morocco across the way and it’s only 4 miles away! Could you see a different in the waters between the Atlantic Ocean and the Med Sea? There’s a place where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic and the waters are different colors.

  2. Tarifa has been on my Spain radar for a while, and your post totally confirms why! Great photos, and I love your photo text mapping skills! 🙂

  3. Isabel says:

    What an intersection point. Thanks for letting us know. Tarifa looks like a dream!

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