TBEX Cancun- The North America Travel Blogger Conference


The reason why I am in sunny Mexico this week isn’t for vacation but for the North American Travel Blogger Conference known as TBEX– Travel Bloggers Exchange.  I went to TBEX North America last year in Toronto and had a great time meeting like-minded people, eating great food, and wandering around Toronto.

TBEX Cancun

This year the conference was held at the Moon Palace Resort which is at least 20 minutes drive outside the Cancun Hotel Zone (a $35 cab ride).  I opted to stay at the Ritz Carlton Cancun in the Hotel Zone but I was still excited to see the all-inclusive Moon Palace.  My friend Tara also wanted me to scope out the place for her as they are always planning all-inclusive beach vacations.

Moon Palace Cancun beach

The conference center at the Moon Palace was pretty great! It was huge, modern, sound and visual systems worked well during presentations, and the food was good.  The WIFI was a little spotty but overall the conference venue was perfect.

The Moon Palace itself was definitely a party hotel or a great spring break-like place.  Music, a DJ, entertainment, pool volleyball, strong all-you-can-drink cocktails, hammocks on every deck, and in-room hard liquor dispensers.  I’m really glad I didn’t make my mom stay here but a girls weekend would be a lot of fun at the Moon Palace Resort Cancun.

TBEX Cancun Moon Palace

The first night of the conference Expedia hosted an outdoor party overlooking the ocean for all TBEX attendees.  My blogger friends decided to do a shot of tequila to start of the night- always the start of a great night.  I sat down at the table after they ordered but the nice waiter brought me one too so as to not be rude, I did my shot.

TBEX Cancun Expedia Party shot of tequila

Surprisingly the tequila was a good, smooth tequila (I was expecting rail) and didn’t even need a chaser.  Yay for me looking like a badass! Smile  I stuck to wine the rest of the night. The beer gets too warm here because it is so hot and humid.  I ate tamales and made new friends- it was a fantastic party with great people.

TBEX Cancun Expedia Party

The educational content at TBEX Cancun was pretty good but sessions of big-time bloggers telling stories were plentiful. I prefer to attend talks about the technical aspects of blogging and brainstorming sessions.  One of my favorite sessions at TBEX Cancun was with one of the founders of Pinterest which was very informative- someone who could talk how Pinterest works and where the company was going!

Also when there are breaks between sessions, attendees could just wander over to the pool for a half an hour.  Not that I did that once or twice or anything Open-mouthed smile


Mostly I go to TBEX to meet other travelers and to see the destination.  My two major goals were met!  Good conference!

Unfortunately it is rainy outside right now so I’m writing this blog post instead.  Come on sun!  Last day in Mexico!


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7 Responses

  1. Rick Calvert says:

    Thank you for the review. Glad you enjoyed your time at TBEX and wishing you good weather on your last day in Cancun.

    Did you attend Ian Cleary’s session: 15 Powerful Tips to Dramatically Grow Your Website Traffic (I).

    It was standing room only and he always get’s rave reviews. Is that the kind of technical presentation you are looking for?

    I would love to get your feedback on the specific type of educational content you are looking for. We are always trying to improve the event and we need your help to do that.

    Thanks again for joining us in Cancun. Hope to see you at other TBEX events in the future.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Rick! Thanks for taking the time to read this post and comment. I did go to Ian Cleary’s session- his, Jeremy from Living the Dream, and the Pinterest talks were by far my favorite 3.

      We have heard the big-time bloggers speak before and are good for keynotes but not educational sessions (99% of us aren’t going to make it to that level). More sessions on new plug-ins, content ideas, group brainstorming discussions (maybe with “normal” bloggers), website designers, photography sessions, and more would be some suggestions.

      Again, thank you for taking the time to respond! See you next year at North America TBEX!

  2. Becky says:

    Hi Andrea! It was great meeting you at TBEX this year and getting to know you. I hope you got a last bit of sunshine before leaving for home…if not, you’ll just have to go back 🙂 Keep in touch and let me know if you’re ever in Richmond. Happy travels!

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