Thailand vacation wrap up- from 10 to 1


Are you ready for my Cambodia and Thailand Vacation wrap up post? November is not the most exciting month for me- especially when my beloved Iowa Hawkeye football team is doing terrible.  This year I decided a long trip in November would be just right.  I came up with the Thailand and Cambodia idea because I have always wanted to see Angkor Wat in Cambodia and I like beaches so why not add Thailand!


Angkor Wat did not disappoint.  It was so well preserved, massive, and old.  Definitely one of the top 5 sights I have ever visited.

Instead of just listing my favorites and least favorites, here is a list from 10 to 1 about my Thailand/Cambodia vacation:

10- percentage of toilets that were Western style (because you know I have to blog about the bathroom situation everywhere I go!). 90% were eastern squatters.

Phuket2 064

The most different thing in Southeast Asia is that in lieu of toilet paper, restrooms usually have a spray hose in which to clean yourself.  At rest stops it was just a bucket of water with a scoop.  No thank you! Definitely bring a large stash of TP if going to Thailand!

9- times i ate pad thai


I’m going to be done with the Pad Thai for a while.

8- days of sunburn.  Thanks Phi Phi Island, AoNang, and Phuket for that.

PhiPhiIslandhotel PhiPhiIslandroommates  PhiPhiIsland2

Phuket 053

7- days too many.  This vacation was almost 4 weeks which I have figured out is a bit too long for me at least for this area.  Temples visiting was annoying, pad thai (which I love) was boring, and I was ready to be done.

6- Massages.  2 Thai massages, 2 coconut oil massages, and 2 foot massages.


Thai massages= ouch!  Coconut oil massages on the beach were great!

5- Gaudy temples in Thailand:


ChiangRaiChiangMaigoldtemple LampangThailand 004 LampangThailand 057 SukhothaiThailand 042

4- Spicy shrimp soups- my favorite dish the whole time on vacation.

Bangkoksoup SiemReap2 005

They aren’t that photogenic but they were the best.  I’m excited to try it at Thai Arroy, my favorite Thai restaurant stateside.

3- new countries (Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos) to add to the list of places I’ve visited.


2- days you really need to see all of the good temples around Siem Reap including Angkor Wat

SiemReap 047 SiemReap2 036    SiemReap2banteaySrei5SiemReap3 028

1-  Baby elephant that I wanted to take home with me.


The elephants were the best thing in Thailand!


Onto the next adventure!

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4 Responses

  1. Lizzie says:

    It looks like an amazing trip. When we lived in Hong Kong, Thailand and Cambodia were my favorite places to places, along with Vietnam. I never made it to Laos unfortunately.

    This is a weird thing to admit, but I actually LOVE squat toilets… you don’t have to touch anything. I find them to be brilliant. I know that this is a very controversial opinion…

  2. Megan says:

    So where to next? I have no plans to travel, except back to the states, so you better go somewhere so I can still see some cool places!

  1. April 23, 2015

    […] I’m heading back to Thailand so I’ll give you the Siem Reap rundown of what it is like in the city.  The Cambodia portion of […]

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