Thames St.- Newport, RI


Thames St. Newport, RI is the seafront road jam-packed with stores, restaurants, and old homes- all with a great view.  Park your car and spend a few hours browsing in the shops and check out the relaxing views.

Movie theatre seating of the view, Newport-style.



Due to the proximity of the water most of the restaurants are seafood based.  Some have some intriguing choices.  If I had been hungry, the lobster pizza slice would have been my odd pick.  Oyster specials were plentiful during happy hours.



I just grabbed a carrot cake cupcake at Cupcake Charlie’s and devoured it while sitting on a bench at the local park.  A peaceful place, with a great water view.


Shopping was geared towards nautical themed stores, tourist t-shirt shops, and cute dress shops.


Further down on Thames St. away from the views and shops are the historical homes.  This area reminded me of Annapolis Maryland.  Skinny, old sailor homes in block colors.


Once I left Thames St., food was really on my mind.  I opted to eat off Thames St. and closer to my hotel because I’m cheap 🙂  The iPad Food Network app led me to Anthony’s Seafood featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  They recommended the Kung Pao calamari and a few other seafood dishes.  I wasn’t too hungry after the cupcake so I just ordered 2 appetizers.  They were both so huge I had leftovers for lunch the next day.  Thank goodness for my hotel room fridge!


Restaurants really need to get on the sauce+calamari train. It was delicious. The clam cakes (which were really clam hush puppies) were good but not great. I had to have some clam in Rhode Island though.

Newport is a great weekend destination. A little more sun would have led to some beach time but it wasn’t in the cards for this trip.  Maybe next time!

Mystic, Connecticut is up next. It is an hour away from Newport and I love the movie Mystic Pizza!

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