Thanksgiving with the Fam

I’m a little late with this year’s Thanksgiving wrap-up because I was so busy. My mom and brother came to celebrate Thanksgiving in Baltimore with me. We had a good time watching the Ravens, shopping, visiting Gettysburg Battlefield, and eating all the crab in Baltimore.

Some of my good shopping finds: Hot Dudes Reading the book and wall calendar:

IMG_8179 (2)IMG_8181 (2)

I made Brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving from this giant stalk. We had Brussels sprouts leftovers for days!

IMG_8164 (2)

Captain Crunch French Toast was my brunch offering of choice one morning from Blue Moon Too (featured on the Food Network). Seriously, this stuff is so amazing!

IMG_8185 (2)

I had to work one day while they were in town so of course we met for lunch nearby at Mama’s on the Half Shell for crab dip and crab soup. Their crab dip is my favorite- even though they just did away with their bread bowl it used to come in- boo!

IMG_8167 (2)

The Ravens game was fun and it ended on an awesome crazy play (only awesome if you are a Ravens fan or football rules fanatic-sorry Bengals fans). My brother also ate crabs for the very first time. It is fun but hard work!




After the family left I got back to real life- just kidding- I went to a play with my friend Mandy. We went to Centerstage to see Dangerous Liaisons- a French book adapted to a play which was the basis for the Ryan Philippe, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar movie Cruel Intentions.


There were so many boobs! It was a very, very sexual play! The acting was phenomenal (the main woman character was fabulous!). I do have to say that my favorite part was afterwards watching the 80 year old man speaking to his wife in a different language with a big smile on his face. I think they were talking about all the boobs too! Smile

IMG_8188 (2)

It was a fun little week in Baltimore.

Reader Question: Did you do a stay-cation of sorts for Thanksgiving or did you go away?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    That captain crunch french toast looks amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything so ambitious with French Toast before.

  2. What a fun little staycation! I host a big Thanksgiving so we stay home… but it’s not exactly relaxing… haha!

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