The bus ride + Moscow

Our 6 1/2 hour bus ride turned into 10 hours.  Russia is trying to transition and build it’s infrastructure up but the roads are terrible.  We were on the main road from St. Petersburg to Moscow and it was a two lane most of the way with occasionally a 3rd one for passing.  Many times over bridges there was only one lane and huge potholes had our driver slamming on the brakes and veering for the shoulder.  And we got pulled over again-twice (for those keeping track, we are up to 4).  We have a new saying on the bus- BIR (pronounced “bur” since I’m with lots of Canadians and Australians).  It means Because It’s Russia.  Then you do a shoulder shrug, pay your bribe, and go on your way.

At our first rest stop the gas station had bears outside.  Real bears.  It was so random.

Moscow 002

Long bus ride.  Traffic.  More traffic.  Moscow.

Then we got to Red Square.

Moscow 014

St. Basil’s Cathedral- the reason why I wanted to visit Russia.  I made it!!!

Unfortunately there is big music festival in Red Square this weekend so there are stages and bleachers set up.

Moscow 009

Kremlin walls

Moscow 007

Moscow 010

Moscow 012

Tomorrow we are supposed to see Lenin’s body in the Mausoleum but sometimes they decide not to open (BIR- because it’s Russia) and the Sculpture Park which houses all the old Communist leaders’ statues.  That might not be around either because they are supposedly going to take them all away sometime very soon.  Oh Russia.  But there are other things on the list too, it should be a full day.

One more picture of St. Basil’s to wrap up today:

Moscow 004

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