The Canada and Northeast Vacation Wrap Up

It is time for a vacation wrap up and a giveaway!  After 2 weeks in Canada and the Northeast US, these are the winners and losers:

1) best stop of the trip:

Gaspe, Quebec and Bar Harbor, Maine

Gaspe had the best scenery of the vacation and the best hiking trail.


The end of the Appalachian Trail:


Foliage in Forillon National Park, Gaspe:


Bar Harbor, Maine:

Delicious Lobster!!!

BarHarbor 055

Plus Acadia National Park and a cute little town that was great for shopping.

Best history:  Boston

BunkerHill OldNorthChurch

Bunker Hill and the Old North Church

Coolest lighthouse: Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

FreeportPeggysCove 052

The town of Peggy’s Cove is worth a drive if you ever are in Nova Scotia.  The drive itself was very pretty and the lighthouse an excellent spot to get out and wander on the rocks.

Best foliage:  The province of Quebec.  All of it.  The foliage is there was made better by the fjords, rivers, and mountains.  Of course we were hitting it at the right time so don’t go in December and expect the same.  I’m sure it would still be pretty, just cold, with snow covered trees.


Best buildings: Quebec City, Quebec

The chateau:


And the Shrine of Sainte Anne (just a little outside the city):


Quebec City is a place I could definitely spend a few days shopping, eating, exploring, and attempting to speak French.

And now for the worst winners:  The worst picture taker= Mom.

This photo in case I wanted those random people on my blog.  Turns out I did, thanks mom 🙂

NewBrunswick 017

And the time I told her to take a photo of me in front of the cave: oops- she cut out the cave.

NewBrunswick 015

It’s okay if I poke fun at mom’s photography skills, she knows 🙂

Worst weather:  Newfoundland

I know the weather can change everyday from place to place but the winds and ice pellets made Newfoundland a lot less fun for us.

Here I am getting ice pelleted:


Overall the trip was great! It was relaxing, a good book reading vacation.  I ate lobster multiple times, got to be outdoorsy, and see some new places.  I would like to have the chance to spend some more time in Quebec City, Prince Edward Island, and Maine.  They were definitely places worth returning too.  Gaspe was my favorite, although it wasn’t even in Mom’s top 3, so to each their own.  That’s one reason why cruising a bigger area like Eastern Canada is a good idea, there is something for everyone and you get a better feel for the places to explore more in depth in the future.

One bad thing about the cruise was that everyone on board got a bad cold.  Guess who ended up with it the day she got home:  this girl!  No bueno!

To end this fantastic blog post and to make sure you read it all- a giveaway!  Popchips sent me some of their new tortilla popchip to give to one lucky blog reader.  There flavors like ranch and nacho cheese- yum!  So here is the deal, to enter just post a comment about where you are going on your next vacation.  I’ll use the True Random Number Generator application to determine the winner next week.  Fitblo 015

I have a case (12 bags) of these just for you!


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14 Responses

  1. Courtney says:

    Lobster=ew. 🙂 But I like the rest of your pics and wrap up. We need happy hour! Because I never get to go on vacation again (or at least a few years.) Well, FL for spring break, if that counts.

  2. Megan says:

    Canary islands!

  3. Roberta says:

    We are doing a South America cruise in March. Fly to Chile and then cruise to Peru, Ecudor, Columbia, Panama and back to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    Enjoyed the pictures of your Northeast U.S. and Canadian cruise!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Does going to Corry PA for Thanksgiving count?! HA! I need to plan something a bit more adventurous than that!

  5. Michael Cohen says:

    Chincoteague, VA for waterfowl hunting!!!

    Come on, Pop Chips!!!

  6. Kristi Redding says:

    Yum– love pop chips!
    Baltimore is the next stop on our vacation list– after Christmas! Maybe we’ll get to see you 🙂

  7. Scott says:

    Mountains – Skiing – British Columbia – Whistler

    Will I increase my chances of winning if I admit that PopChips are my favorite junkfood?

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