The Freedom Trail- Boston

I’m in Boston!  My mom and I are here today and tomorrow before heading out on a Canadian adventure.  Today we trekked Boston’s Freedom Trail- a 2.5 mile walk through Boston visiting a bunch of historical sites.


The first (or last) stop depending on which end you start at is Bunker Hill where the famous Battle of Bunker Hill was fought during the  Revolutionary War.  This is the park and monument.  You can climb up the 240+ stairs if you are so inclined.   My mother was not inclined.


Next up was the USS Constitution.  We got to wander around a bit on it.


Here’s me getting on the boat.


Mom hanging out with the cannons.

The Old North Church was a walk through Little Italy away.  The Little Italy walk smelled like yummy, garlicky tomato sauce.  I drooled.


The Old North Church where Paul Revere put up 2 lanterns to signify that the British were coming by sea during the Revolutionary War.

Boston 031

Boston 034

It is hard to get a good picture of the whole church.

Boston 032

The interior with the VIP pew booths.  More on the church pews later.

This is the Union Oyster House which is the longest open continually serving restaurant in the US.  My mom doesn’t like oysters so we moved on for lunch.

Boston 024

There was a pretty bar next door.  This whole area was full of dark wood bars and restaurants that were very old.

Boston 025

Our lunch was had in the Fanuil Hall.  Everyone was mean there and the food was pretty good.  Our first try at food was a fail so we moved to a new stall and got lobster rolls and bacon wrapped scallops.  I also had a jalapeno pretzel which was the best of all 🙂

Boston 036

King’s Church, like The Old North Church have pews that remind me of VIP tables at clubs.  Each family would buy a “pew” for their whole family.


The setup with cushions on all sides were so the parents could see the pulpit and their children to keep them behaving and from playing tic tac toe (or maybe that was just me and my siblings).

Boston 017

The last stop of the day was the Boston Commons and Public Garden- a big park in the middle of Boston,  not unlike Central Park.


Mom really liked the frog statues.

BostonCommonFrogs BostonCommonsign BostonSwanLake2 BostonSwanLake

As you can see the weather in Boston was cloudy and rainy all day.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better but we don’t have too much time to sightsee, we have to hitch a ride to Canada on a big boat.

Has anyone ever been to Halifax, Nova Scotia before?  If so, what are the do not miss sights there?

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4 Responses

  1. Calie says:

    I love Boston! Looks like a fun tour. Wish our church had those awesome booths for kids 🙂

  2. Lizzie says:

    That looks so fun! Old North Church looks just like Christ Church in Philadelphia (oldest Episcopal church in the US) to me! Cool! I love those booth pews, so awesome. I had so much fun in them as a kid!

    Fun trip!! Can’t wait to hear about Canada, too!

  3. Lauren says:

    Sounds like you had a great time exploring all around! Whereabouts in Canada are you going?? Hope you have a blast, Toronto area is my home! 🙂

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