The Golden Circle of Iceland


After a fantastic night’s sleep- despite loud roommates and nearly all-night sun, I did the Golden Circle Tour outside of Reykjavik.  The Golden Circle is probably the most visited area in Iceland besides Reykjavik. The Golden Circle consists of Gullfoss, Pingvellir National Park, and Geysir Hot Springs.

The drive to the start includes a random crater left by a sinking volcano.

IcelandDay2 004

A few years ago Bjork (my favorite Halloween costume muse) held a concert where the fans stood around this crater and she got on a boat in the middle of it.  Kind of a fun and random idea.

Geysir Hot Springs

IcelandDay2 022

This is Strokkur geyser.  It is the biggest continually acting geyser in Iceland and 4th biggest in the world.

There were some smaller ones at this park too.

IcelandDay2 024

The aptly named Little Geyser.

IcelandDay2 025

And many mud pools and random hot springs.

Second on the Golden Circle Tour was Gullfoss which translates to Gold Falls.

IcelandDay2 015

Here is the top of it.

IcelandDay2 017

Down into the gorge was pretty misty.  We got soaked walking back to the bus because we had to walk through that mist.

Here I am at a different waterfall (Tjaldsvaedi) that was in between Gullfoss and Pingvellir National Park.

IcelandDay2 008

Iceland has lots of big waterfalls.

Pingvellir National Park:

One cool thing about this park is that it is not on a continent.  It is in between the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia.  This science nerd is impressed!

My favorite photo of the day:

IcelandDay2 027

The clear, blue water.  Fun fact:  Iceland doesn’t need to treat their drinking water because it is filter through lava rock which acts as a natural filter.  It sure is pretty.

IcelandDay2 028

Where the first Parliament was held in 930 AD.

IcelandDay2 030

Church from 1000 AD and Lake Pingvallavatn.

I thought Iceland was going to be this green:

IcelandDay2 032

Instead it is this green/brown:

IcelandDay2 033

It was a fun day with great sights and great food (to be in a later post) including a caramel donut (!), smoked salmon sandwich, and grilled halibut on a stick. Such fresh fish and so very good 🙂

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Have you ever been to Iceland? Did you do the Golden Circle? What was your favorite place in Iceland?

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  1. Bryant says:

    I love the fact that you are in a lot more pictures.

  2. Lesley Christensen says:

    You have got to post your food! One of the best parts of traveling! This place is awesome too. I guess I’m going to have to start making a list…

  1. January 15, 2016

    […] often when she first moved there and when Andrea on Vacation began. I would love to return to Iceland, England, and Ireland and see Bruges, Dracula’s castle, and Bratislava for the first […]

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