The Great Food Roadtrip- Day 1


My friend Courtney is on maternity leave so we decided to go on a roadtrip south to see her family, some new places, but mostly to eat a lot of good food.  I said goodbye to this noodle around 9am and hit the road. The Great Food Roadtrip has commenced.

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Traffic was the worst of the day right outside of Baltimore, typical.  Other than that it was great through to Richmond, VA.  In Richmond we consulted our Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives app and found Dots Back Inn.  Holy good!!!

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Courtney wins for best dish of the day with the black bean cakes from Dots.  So delicious.  My mushroom and swiss burger with a side of cole slaw was excellent too but too ugly to photograph on the blog.  I highly recommend stopping at Dots Back Inn if you need a lunch stop in Richmond.

We drove all the way to Chapel Hill with a pit stop at Walmart to buy a GPS.  My phone is so old it doesn’t have GPS and Courtney’s charge drains so fast.  So I have a new GPS.

We programmed the new GPS for Time Out in Chapel Hill, NC.  Their fried chicken and cheddar biscuit was filmed as a contender for Best Sandwich in America with Adam Richman on the Travel Channel.

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Yes we did.

We met our friend Brandi who lives in Durham here too.  She’s Southern and got excited about the fried bologna sandwich.  I’ve never seen one of these before.  Courtney (from Florida) thought it was no big deal.

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It looks tasty!  Brandi said it was good.

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I almost finished the sandwich but hardly made a dent in the mac and cheese.  Overall  it was pretty good.  Courtney’s lunch still wins.

It is Ravens football time.

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LIttle Riley is seeing her first Ravens game.

Food Roadtrip- day 2 starts tomorrow bright and early.

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  1. Mariah says:

    You are secretly becoming a dog person, I can tell. Cyrus gets a lot of face time on this blog!

    I love this roadtrip theme. If you guys are still in Savannah and go out to Tybee Island I know of a great barbeque joint by the side of the road! You’ll pass it. Have fun. 🙂

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