The Kremlin


Kremlin in Russian means fortress. Many Russian cities have a Kremlin.  The one on Moscow is the most famous, and therefore known as The Kremlin. They allow tours through, have a theatre (that used to hold 6000 members of the Communist Party for meetings), and armory with the crown jewels, and many old churches from when it was used as a fortress.  Parliament does not meet here and Putin does not live within the walls.

Moscow 089

Outside the visitors entrance on the bridge which used to be over a river to ward off attacks.


Moscow 093

The biggest cannon in the world, so big that it doesn’t work.  How useful.

Moscow 097

The biggest bell in the world.  Also does not work.

Moscow 098

Assumption Cathedral.  Cool inside but no pictures allowed.

Moscow 092

There were scary guards.  While not intimidating-looking, they threatened to throw our whole group in jail because some tired people sat on the curb.  Meanies.

We also saw the armory which houses the crown jewels, about a dozen Faberge eggs, thrones, crowns, jeweled Bibles, and so much more.  Our tour guide was a little long winded (putting it mildly).  I enjoyed by Faberge egg time- they were so cool.  The jewels too.  The thrones and armor- not so much.  And of course they don’t let you take pictures inside.  We don’t mess with the guards anymore because we would for sure get locked up.

Moscow 104

Safe from the guards- Walls around the Kremlin from the outside.

Moscow 105

Kremlin left, St. Basil’s on the right.  The Kremlin listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been part of Russian History since the 13th century.

Kremlin and Red Square pond Krelim and Red Square Moscow 066 Moscow 067

Fun little outdoor area outside the Kremlin.

That’s it for today.  We are off to Belarus.  I paid $180 for a Belarussian visa,  hopefully it is worth it!

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4 Responses

  1. megan says:

    Yep just had to google Belarus. Interesting destination. The extremely large cannon that doesn’t work made me laugh:) Did you buy a train ticket from Berlin to here? If so- when do you arrive?

    • Andrea says:

      Was planning on the 6am non stop train arriving at 11 am. Wasn’t going to buy a ticket til I got to the station in case I sleep in. Belarus post tonight, kinda okay, kinda sketch

      • Megan says:

        Ok whatever as long as you can get ahold of me to let me know which train you ended up on. Where am I picking you up at? It would be easiest for you to take the subway from the hauptbahnhof to Stuttgart-Vaihingen. I can get you more specific info if that is what you plan on doing. I can prob come to main station and get you, but would be faster/easier to take train here.

  1. November 17, 2014

    […] days ago I arrived in Germany at my sister’s house after my big Russia trip.  Playing with my niece and nephew for a day was welcome on this big travel […]

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