The Lava Fields


Today we vistied new Lava Fields in the Galapagos.  On our short boat ride to the lava fields on Isabela Island we saw boobies.

Not those boobies!

These boobies:


The blue-footed variety.  The blue color of their feet is different on each bird.  Some are fairly light blue and others are a much brighter blue.  There is not much “true” blue found in the animal kingdom which makes the blue-footed boobies so interesting to see.


Lava fields are pretty boring and intensely hot!  All that black rock just soaks up the heat and it cooks you.  We visited lava fields on both Isabela and Ferdinandina Island.  It seemed like the fun would never end (sarcastic voice).


Both Isabela and Ferdinandina Island are newer islands compared to the rest of the Galapagos so vegetation is sparse because the lava fields have not broken down yet.

Lava Lizard on the lava rocks:


Luckily this cactus, also known as the cucumber cactus or penis cactus among our group, grows in the lava field and starts the process of making soil for other vegetation to grow.


Or just giggle at the penis cactus.

Along the water of the lava fields is the perfect place for marine iguanas to hang out. Thousands of marine iguanas soaking up the sun.



Me and the iguanas:


Simon trying to emulate the marine iguanas sunbathing.


That’s it for today from the lava fields.  A nice cool-down snorkeling trip is in my future.


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    Run! Iguanas are scary.

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