The Life of a Galapagos Sea Lion

Galapagos Sea Lion back float

Oh the life of a Galapagos Sea Lion- nap, avoid being eaten by sharks, nap, sunbathe, hunt for food, more napping.  Sea Lions in the Galapagos are everywhere.  There are two different types of mammals who look alike swimming the Galapagos waters : Galapagos Sea Lion and the Galapagos Fur Seals.  I can only tell the difference based on the snout of the Fur Seal being pointier.  It is a tough distinction for a layperson.

A sun nap with crabs on black volcanic rock:

Galapagos Sea Lion and crabs

Here are some adorable photos of some sleepy sea lions.

Sea lion in a boat. I’m not sure how that neck position can be comfortable.

Galapagos Sea Lion in boat

This is much better. A nap on the comfortable park bench.

Galapagos Sea Lion nap


The double sea lion nap on a park bench.

Galapagos Sea Lion nap 2

My favorite sea lion activity is the lazy swim.  Sea Lions will randomly float by in strange positions.  They have no destination, just keeping cool in the hot Galapagos sun.

Galapagos Sea Lion waving

Underwater many are curious about snorklers and scuba divers.  They are not curious enough to stick around for too long but a quick swim by is always a sea lion necessity.

Always be ready with the underwater camera.

Galapagos Sea Lion swimming

They will get pretty close but sea lions are much faster swimmers than us so they jet off once they find out snorkelers are no fun because we have to stay close the surface.

Galapagos Sea Lion Rabida Island

Galapagos Sea Lion underwater

That is from the Galapagos for today.  May your day be sea lion-like: full of naps, sunbathing, and avoiding sharks! Smile

Galapagos Sea Lion

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    There is nothing that I don’t love about this post, what funny creatures they are!

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