The Oregon Roadtrip Wrap-Up

The Oregon Roadtrip covering the coast, Crater Lake, and Portland was winner!  The Oregon Coast itself would have been a fabulous vacation but other things in Oregon inland are worth the time and effort to drive to see. Here the the best of the Oregon Roadtrip 2014 as voted on by Mom and me.

Best Coastal City: Astoria (me)

Oregon Roadtrip Astoria view from Astoria Column

Astoria was our first stop on the Oregon Roadtrip and was one of my favorites.  Astoria was a beautiful town with great views on top of the town’s hills.  The Goonies Tour Goonies Housewas fun for anyone in my age group who grew up watching the movie every weekend on TBS.  The Astoris Tower is a good place for a picnic and viewing the destructive Mt. St. Helen’s volcano.

Best Coastal Beach Town: Manzanita (Mom) Manzanita

Oregon Roadtrip Manzanita Birds

Manzanita was Mom’s favorite stop of the trip.  She likes her quaint costal small towns with great beaches and friendly people.  There is not a whole lot going on in Manzanita besides long walks on the beach and gorgeous sunsets but that is just what you want sometimes.

Oregon Roadtrip Oregon Coast Manzanita

Best Beach Town to Spend a few Days Visiting: Cannon Beach (me)Cannon Beach

Oregon Roadtrip Cannon Beach view

Cannon Beach was the happening beach town with lots of people, restaurants, hotels, shopping, and things to do.  At Ecola State Park on the hill is a great go-to picnic and beach area.  I could definitely spend a weekend here on a regular basis- if only it weren’t so pricey.

Best Brewery for beer: Deschutes (me) Deschutes Brewery

Oregon Roadtrip Deshutes Brewery Bend Oregon

Dechutes Brewery ended up being my favorite beer stop of the trip.  The Black Butte Porter was my favorite followed by the Pale Ale.  I don’t normally like Porters but this one was great! If you are ever is Bend, Oregon make a special stop to try out the beer that Deshutes is brewing up.

Best Clam Chowder: Rogue Brewpub Newport (Mom)Rogue Ales Brewery

Oregon Roadtrip Rogue Public House clam chowder

Out of the 6 different clam chowders Mom taste-tested on this roadtrip, the Rogue Brewpub has the best.  Runner up was ……in Astoria.  Giant chucks of clam are essential and a little bit of spice is nice.

Best Breakfast: Voodoo Doughnut (Both) Voodoo Doughnuts

Oregon Roadtrip Portland Voodoo Donut peach fritter

We loved our Voodoo Doughnut stop.  Delicious yes, healthy- not so much.  Make sure you spend the rest of the day exploring Portland to walk off your doughnuts.  We made some excellent doughnut choices.  The peach fritter is a must.  Also get creative and get a cereal covered doughnut, they are better than you think.  And how can you go wrong with bacon on a doughnut.

Best Store: Powell’s Books Portland (Both) Powell’s City of Books

Oregon Roadtrip Portland Powells Books Sign

My new favorite store is Powell’s books.  New and used books side-by-side, giving the book nerd in you more books for your money.  Dozens of rooms filled with romance, travel, bestsellers, biographies, and more will keep you browsing for a few hours.

Best stop overall: Crater Lake (me)Crater Lake National Park

Oregon Roadtrip First Glimpse of Crater Lake

Crater Lake was my favorite stop of the whole trip.  The bright blue waters and nothing but nature surrounding it but a sight to behold.  I would rank Crater Lake as one of the Top 5 National Parks in the United States.  Put it on your bucket list!

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